Wednesday, October 25, 2017


7501 W Washington, Las Vegas, NV 89128

On October 17, 2017, I was in the area and always wanted to check out this Kmart as i heard this one and the old Henderson Location (now closed) without the Super Concept were the nicest Kmart's in Las Vegas. I had lived in Las Vegas my whole life and never visited this kmart before, I was pretty excited to see what it was about. When i pulled up i was able to find a spot real close to the entrance. I quickly made my way into the store without snapping a picture from outside so i found one online via google. 

During my visit Kmart had a banner outside on the building stating they were doing a Cash back Bonanza (which is if you spend $30 in what ever department you get like $5-10 back in shop your way points). This strategy i feel like was something Sears is hoping will work to bring business in. To my surprise when i walked inside the store was actually quite busy with the parking lot being empty. Every employee I walked past came into contact with me asking if i needed any help (something you usually don't receive at any Kmart/Sears Location. 

Lets take a look at my photos, should we?
Upon walking in to the Right i could easily tell was a Former K Cafe which they converted into a Bigger Girls Clothing section. I still think that the equipment from the Former Cafe is behind that curved wall (anyone else think the same?)

Across the the former cafe is women clothing

Walking in to the Right is where the Cash registers are with 4 of them open (this photo didn't do a great job showing the lights on the registers).

Jewelry department

More Women Clothing next to Jewelry 

Something keeps telling me that this store just received a remodel (just look at the new directly signs)

Former Kmart Pharmacy (Now closed)

Label Scare from the Pharmacy 

Another look at the Pharmacy
Former Garden center now used for Seasonal 
Huge Seasonal section

 Thats all i have for photos, Not sure when they added Furniture but its a neat idea if it brings in business. This Kmart does have an auto center but its own by an independent mechanic and is not accessible via store. As i always say, If you would like to comment about this store, feel free (i might use your comment to update this information on this store). Hoped you enjoy

Until next time,
Retail Closing

Office Max

Office Max
2100 E Serene Ave Las Vegas, NV 89123

A couple weeks ago on October 2nd, the day after the horrible Shooting on the Strip. I was passing by this very Office Max and seen a store closing sign. I knew i had to stop and take some pictures. Upon arriving, The Parking lot was very busy for the nearby stores Home Depot/Walmart. For Office Max, Not so much. 

I remember shopping at this store a lot because i didn't care for Office Depot Prices nor Staples before the Merger. Office Max just had better customer Service with a better rewards program. When Office Max merge with Depot, I stopped shopping at these office stores and moved to online shopping or getting my supplies at Costco. After I parked my car and walked inside this store, I was treated by this flyer on a table: 

With this sign next to the table:

I have no idea when this store first opened, I tired my best finding information online but no one states. For the Closing Sale, There were a lot of employees and mostly elderly shoppers. The copy center was already closed down but that still didn't stop the employee still taking customers at her counter(not sure why she was helping customers with prints). 

Lets get into the pictures, should we!!!

This picture was taken from the Right side from the back  of the store.

Middle Isle looking at the front of the store

Sorry, I wasn't able to get anymore pictures. A security guard came from behind me and asked me to leave as i don't have permission to take photos of this store. I did what i was told without causing a scene. If anyone has any information on this store, leave a comment. 

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Retail Closing

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

3760 E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120

On June 30th, I made my way down to a Kmart Closing sale which is one of the Ugliest Kmart's i had visited. The store was very dark and was way to Overwhelming (more on that later). I did do some research about this Kmart. 
Construction started in 1988, When the store opened in 1993 it feature a KCafe Cart Right upfront. In 2004, Little Caesars opened inside the Former KCafe. The store did get a lot of business due to the Pizza Cafe till 2009 when Little Caesars opened there own store in the same center, which resulted The Cafe Cart to close and moved into the Garden Center storage.  Upon pulling into the center there were signs all over stating the store is closing. I decided to turn down a alley street and come back up to take a picture of the center and the signs. 
The Kmart building being hidden behind the Carl's JR.

One of the 10 closing signs this Kmart has. 

This Kmart does have a Rare Shape. Instead of putting the sign where the closing sign is they put it on the side of the building. (Note this used to be a Big K) 

Walking up to the store.

Note to customers: NO NEW LAYWAYS or RETURNS/Exchanges (during checkout a employee was doing a refund for a customer while i was waiting in line)

Stright back is the Electronic Section. Left women clothing. Right Cash registers. (Now do you see what i mean by dark)

I know i said it already, overwhelming. 

Here I'm standing in the baby department looking straight at the Entrance.

Men Clothing here. 

Fitting rooms 

More Men Clothing (I still can't get over how
Kmart let there stores decline with little lighting).
Shoe department on left. Women clothing on Right. 


Office Supplies.

Very Odd Electronics section with Furniture. Smart idea.........

 Laundry on Left.

Hardware on Left


Stright to the Left is where the ex-pharmacy is. 

outdoor Patio 

Former Pharmacy 

If you look closely at the checkouts, Thats where the old KCafe was.

Sign stating the Pharmacy has closed and prescriptions has been transferred across the street as well as the Pharmacy employees to CVS.

Thats all i have for now. Stay tune for more.